Hello, I am Sheree.  I am a professional photographer based in Brisbane, Qld.

My photographic journey is a continuous evolution.   Completing a Degree (BA) of Photography; majoring in Advertising and working closely for and with international, national and some of Queensland’s finest Advertising and Commercial Photographers whilst building up my own business Sheree Burke Photography.

To date I divide my time between Advertising/Commercial Photography and Family/Newborn Lifestyle Photography making up the imagery of LITTLE FRECKLES not to mention mother and wifehood.

I love capturing the beginning of new life and the little characteristics that a newborn starts to develop as well as the connection and relationships formed between parents and within a family.

Nothing resonates to me more than a “Real Image” a true subtle characteristic, a little smile, a sideways glance, an unrehearsed burst of excitement or laughter.  The inhabitance of space or a home; what we see as our day to day routine lives, activities and interaction holds so much insight and memory into how we are, how we live and how we once were.  The human touch of our lives captured.

I love capturing that moment in time, a memory, a PHOTOGRAPH an IMAGE to treasure.

My shooting style is fresh, clean and natural.  If you enjoy my style please take a look around or feel free to follow my blog, Facebook or drop me a line.