A little bit foggy, a little bit drizzly; I stepped into a lot of colour and a lot of imagination, through the building blocks of creativity to a world of cherished memories, stories and new beginnings.

Jackson had arrived and was just one week new.

So content and relaxed we chattered throughout the morning, capturing and adding to the chapters to be written and ending on the most fitting image of his very comical nickname “Noodle”.


Spillane009 Spillane020 Spillane022 Spillane026 Spillane028 Spillane033 Spillane039 Spillane041Spillane103 Spillane048 Spillane051 Spillane052 Spillane053 Spillane054 Spillane057 Spillane058 Spillane059 Spillane070 Spillane084 Spillane087 Spillane090 Spillane095  Spillane110 Spillane113 Spillane114  Spillane119 Spillane122 Spillane124  Spillane128 Spillane133



That feeling you get when someone you know announces the arrival of a newborn…. the urge you get to want to rush over for a hold and wish your friend or loved one well and take in some newborn goodness   ….

The reality of who this would benefit more; yourself?, new mum?, baby? ….. yourself!.

Knowing that this is a very important time for establishment …, bonding …, feeding …, (nip stripping) … , bonding …, walking the pineapple track (one small step for woman …. One giant leap for woman kind..!!!!!)   …… and bonding   ;).

I am so privileged to be granted VIP passes to those early days when I am welcomed into your homes. Fresh moments of innocence, fragility, new emotions and welcoming surroundings.  I get a back stage glance into that feeling of awe, amazement and love.

A one of a kind, exclusive pass to one very important person (and their crew).

McLaren002 McLaren012 McLaren017 McLaren018

McLaren019 McLaren022 McLaren031 McLaren040  McLaren058 McLaren047McLaren052 McLaren053 McLaren056  McLaren061 McLaren066 McLaren067 McLaren070McLaren043McLaren045McLaren082 McLaren085 McLaren087 McLaren088 McLaren091 McLaren094 McLaren100 McLaren102 McLaren103 McLaren105 McLaren108

side by side

or miles apart


will always be

connected by heart

Such a beautiful sisterly bond between Verity and Imogen.  It is hard to believe 9 1/2 months has flown by and it will pretty soon Imogen’s first birthday.  Fiona and Matt your little girls are certainly flourishing, it is always such a pleasure catching up with you all.


Stutz-1 Stutz-2 Stutz-3 Stutz-4 Stutz-5 Stutz-6 Stutz-7 Stutz-8 Stutz-9 Stutz-10 Stutz-11 Stutz-12 Stutz-13 Stutz-14 Stutz-15

I remember going to this beautiful new mummas 21st.     The importance of Family was ever so evident and the love and support could be felt throughout the laughter, hugs and beautiful words spoken.   Now Chanelle and Lachlan have begun their own family journey welcoming Cooper into their world.

Channelle has absolutely encompassed motherhood so lovingly and gracefully,  Cooper is one very happy, healthy boy now 12 weeks on.  Watch out Lachy you may need a bigger 4WD for those beach adventures 😉

Thank You for welcoming me into your home and  all the best to such a beautiful little family.

CH01 CH02 CH03 CH04 CH05   CH08  CH10 CH11 CH12 CH13 CH14 CH15 CH16 CH17 CH18 CH19 CH20 CH21 CH22 CH23  CH25 CH26 CH27 CH28 CH29 CH30 CH31

It was such a pleasure capturing my beautiful friend Kelly and her boys.  Such a fabulous, talented photographer herself;  took that ever so daunting step from behind the camera , behind the lens, in front of mine.  So pleased to bring her out into existence capturing these special family moments and memories.

I love that when I look at these images “activewear, activewear” is continuously playing in my mind.

Thank you Aiden and Isaac for providing a soundtrack to your Mum and Dads days and especially this one for mine!!

AF_1 AF_2 AF_4 AF_6 AF_7 AF_8 AF_9 AF_10 AF_11 AF_12  AF_14 AF_15 AF_16AF_13

Such a lovely afternoon with this beautiful family.  Surrounded by nostalgia however now capturing new memories.

CG_1 CG_2 CG3 CG4 CG5 CG6 CG7 CG8 CG9 CG10 CG11 CG12 CG13 CG14 CG15 CG16 CG17 CG18 CG19 CG22 CG23 CG24

Nothing feels so good as the sand between your toes the warm sunshine on your shoulders and a beautiful friendship by your side that makes you smile, giggle, squeal, jump and kick your feet in the air.

Looking forward to a colourful 2016


Jardine-0025  Jardine-0077 Jardine-0105_bJardine-0050_2 Jardine-0114 Jardine-0121


Combine …

2 heaped cups of love and hugs

¾ cup sugary kisses

125g of melted chocolate (block, buttons and chips too)

1 teaspoon of English essence

Stir gently to combine, Knit one purl one and

Decorate with Combies, lots and lots of Combies …..


Selkirk-01Selkirk-02   Selkirk23Selkirk-03Selkirk22 Selkirk-05 Selkirk-06 Selkirk-07 Selkirk-08 Selkirk-09 Selkirk-10 Selkirk-11 Selkirk-12 Selkirk25Selkirk24 Selkirk-14 Selkirk-15 Selkirk-16 Selkirk-17 Selkirk-18 Selkirk-19 Selkirk-20



There are many reasons to celebrate and encapsulate an occasion or milestone with photography.

As individuals and as families, we change and evolve and a lot of us thrown many a curveball.  We cope, adapt, carry on and often triumph and a lot of the time become enlightened to rejoice in “the little things”.  The moments we have, the love we share even the air we breathe.

On this occasion we were welcoming “Chia” just a little thing but such a BIG moment to excite, engage and reconnect the hearts of this beautiful family.

“Celebrate the meaningful, not just the momentous”

Smith8 Smith_2 Smith_3 Smith_4 Smith52 Smith_1b Smith69 Smith_6 Smith_7 Smith89 Smith93 Smith_10 Smith_8 Smith95

I came across a quote yesterday “Don’t let the pursuit of perfection be the enemy of good”

This new website is a long time coming (partly because of the perfection thing and partly because I have an imperfectly perfect 2-year-old). It may have a few glitches, spelling errors, outdated posts or images and in my eyes “imperfections”.

However, after reading this quote it resonated to me to ease up on the perfectionist in me.

As my journey of Family lifestyle photography has evolved the imagery that puts a skip in my heart and soul is expressing my own creative freedom, embracing the imperfection, the real goodness of life.

Coming from a background of Advertising photography, proficient in studio lighting and capturing the best of the best detail, lighting and composition, I always grapple with the concept, easing back on the technical and high high pillar of finest distinction. When it comes to lifestyle, being too focused on everything being perfect stunts the wonder of capturing the raw unscripted, unrehearsed truth that I truly love to express.

Which, isn’t this what life and families is all about??

So in a reflection of what I love to convey in my imagery this website too is;  REAL, imperfectly perfect in everyway.

It will change it will evolve (I’m already onto a new tiled verion in my mind ;), it may flourish, it may crash, it may be too busy, too quiet, too tired 😉 ;).  It may just be wonderfully mundanely content but just as the saying goes it’ll be “Good” not “great” not “excellent” just (..deal with it Sheree) happily normally GOOD!


I look forward to you joining me in the journey of perfect imperfection.