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Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle newborn photography sessions are relaxed and free flowing focusing on simplicity, connection and storytelling. The flow of the session is dictated by the baby.  We will feed, change and settle them as they need so that they stay comfortable and content.  With a lifestyle approach, interactions are so important so all immediate family members are encouraged and included.

For sleepy, dreamy teeny, tiny curled up imagery the first 7-14 days are ideal alternatively more awake, interactive images can be captured within the first 3 months.

I absolutely love encompassing all that is natural and honest.


I also offer sessions featuring just your new little addition.  You may not be up for being in frame, not up to the whole kit and caboodle tribe participating or quite simply just wish to capture some memories of your Newborn.  These are best achieved as fresh as possible within the first 7 days of birth.

First 48hrs

 The first 48hrs of your new babies life. Remember those very first newborn photographs taken in hospitals then mounted within an arched cardboard casing.  No? As amazing as the first recollection is we can do better than this.  This is such a new and amazing time of introduction and emotions.  Time can disappear so quickly when having a newborn and although you may not feel at your optimum amazingness it is such a precious time to recollect and record in an image (no makeup, wardrobe, pristine nurseries necessary).   Invite me into those first few hours/days and I will capture you, your newborn and surrounds in a very casual, non intrusive (fly on the wall type)  lifestyle session. Once your baby arrives we will do a short 45 minute session in the hospital.


For further information on Lifestyle photo sessions please contact me

Pricing and packages are fully inclusive of digital photographs with print and product options available.   Investments start at  $700

Lifestyle Newborn

Advertising & Commercial photoshoots are custom quoted to suit your business needs & requirements.  Please contact me to discuss specifics.